Dear People Who Are Invested In This Idea That Marilyn Monroe Wore a Size 12/14/16/Whatever Size You Wear:

No, actually, she didn’t.

Women’s dress sizes in North America are not standardized, and have changed radically over time. (They are also different from the sizes used in other countries, so that a size 16 in one country may be completely different from a size 16 in another country.) Today’s numbers do not equate to 1950 numbers, which is why no one who claims Marilyn was a plus-sized girl can agree on what larger size she may have worn. While it’s true that today’s movie industry might have thought of her as chubby, please note that she would have worn something smaller than what we now think of as a size 12. 

According to this article, her measurements were 35-22-35. That’s right: a 22-inch waist. According to this article, her waist was 22” to 23”. Of course, her actual measurements would have changed from time to time, and she was heavier as a younger woman, but this represents the size she wore during most of her career. In current US sizes, she would have worn a size 6 or 8. You rarely see Hollywood actresses who wear a size 8 these days (they’d be called fat), but pretending that Marilyn was bigger than she was does not actually change the size prejudice that exists in modern society. 

Most sincerely,

40” Waist, Size 18

(photos above found here)

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    you don’t have to look to some dead white woman to validate and justify yr size. you really don’t.
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    I just wanted to say that Marilyn Monroe’s weight, like many women, fluctuated. There was a time when he was very ”...
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